The Lights Fest

What happens when you combine thousands of families, friends and foodies, with live music, dancing, and an eruption of Sky Lanterns? – Welcome to The Lights Fest.

The Lights Fest is an experience where thousands of friends and families gather to listen to live music, fill up on great food and light up life by sharing personal wishes, dreams and goals. At the perfect moment, everyone ignites their personalized sky lanterns with Tiki torches and lets them take flight. It creates a surreal ambiance, where time slows down as your single flame rises with thousands of others. Come fill the sky with what lights you.

The lights fest is dedicated to leaving a positive impact on the environment and everyone who attends our event. This is an event that is for everyone but cultivates individual experiences. Whether you’re commemorating or celebrating, you’re creating a special memory that will last a lifetime.

Our Mission at The Lights Fest is to create a transformative experience for families and friends, enabling them to share their light with others.

How It Works

Once you arrive, make your way on over to our “Check-in” tents! Though this is a relaxed event, you will want to grab a spot next to one of our Tiki torches by the stage before you go wandering about with your family and friends. We will have plenty of space, but it is first come first serve.

Around twilight, the fun begins. You can experience live entertainment, music for the whole family, dancing, as well as local artists. Did you bring a gaggle of kids? Great! We have kid friendly activities like face painting and bouncy houses to keep them busy.

THE LANTERN LAUNCH – we will give specific instructions during the event on how to unpack, and light your lanterns. We, like you, are always antsy to launch the lanterns. Please keep in mind that THE LAUNCH is 100% contingent upon the Okay from the local fire authorities.

Safety First

As a company, we take great pride in ensuring the safety of our participants. We use non-standard, customized lanterns that stay in the air for a short period of time. In Comparison, Traditional Lanterns often climb to an altitude in excess of one mile, and travel multiple miles away from their original launching point. At The Lights Fest, we have customized our lanterns and are able to ensure that they will land within the designated property for easy retrieval. They are made from non-flammable and biodegradable materials, aiding in the protection of our participants and the environment. Any child under the age of 16 cannot light the lantern without supervision from a parent or guardian. We will never produce or take part in any event without the help of the local fire marshal and fire department. Wind Factors: The Lights Festival will not authorize the launch of lanterns if wind speeds exceed 15 miles-per-hour. If wind speeds don’t reduce, The Lights Festival will cancel the Launch and reschedule it for a different date and time. Sustainability: All lanterns are biodegradable (asbestos-free) and Eco-friendly. The Lights Festival uses no metal wiring, nor any materials that could bring harm to the environment.

The Lights Fest is dedicated to the safety of the environment and everyone who attends the event. For this reason, we require the following:

  • All participants must sign a waiver, and agree to all rules and regulations.
  • No outside lanterns will be allowed in the event space.
    • The Lights Fest has created biodegradable lanterns with a limited burn time and flame retardant. Without these characteristics, prohibited lanterns can pose a fire hazard to surrounding areas.
  • No launching lanterns before the authorized time. Those unable to abide by this rule will be asked to leave and can be ticketed by the local police and fire department.
  • No alcohol will be permitted at the event.
  • No outside weapons or harmful materials will be allowed in The Lights Festival area.


The Lights Fest is dedicated to leaving a positive impact on everyone who attends our event. We are also dedicated to leaving a positive impact on the environment.

We have a dedicated cleanup crew, waiting in the landing zone, whose focus is collecting lanterns after the event. All events are strategically located outside of populated areas where there is open space. We’ve engineered our lanterns for low flight and landing-site predictability. After the event, we have a large cleaning crew, picking up the lanterns. Our lanterns are 100% biodegradable, so in the rare chance that we miss one, they are designed to quickly disintegrate. Our “Leave No Trace Policy” allows us to make sure that our venues look the same after we leave as they did before we arrived.

Giving Back

We are committed to creating a light-filled world. We strive to work with local non-profits in every city we go to as well as national charities that are passionate about the same things we are. The Lights Fest loves giving back.