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Austin Venue Information

PLEASE READ – The Lights Festival™ of Austin registration is opening this coming Monday August 1st at 8:00 PM central time. This event is currently scheduled to happen in Floresville, however several potential venues that are closer to Austin are working with us to try and hold it closer to the city. Any potential change in venue will be communicated to all ticket holders.

Due to the possibility of the venue changing to a location closer to Austin we are excited to announce THE best VIP ticket pricing we have ever offered!. We are offering VIP tickets at $20. We are also continuing to search for another venue in Austin, and are very close to solidifying another location. We encourage you to buy your tickets on Monday because never again will prices be this low.

Registration opened Monday Aug 1st for Austin Light the Sky Fest. The current location is at Cycle Ranch in Floresville, TX. If the venue is moved closer to Austin all attendees will be notified via email, Facebook and our website. We look forward to seeing you Nov 19th and be prepared for one of the most magical experiences of your life!

Whether the venue changes, the date will stay the same – November 19th, 2016.

*Posted 7/26/2016

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