Is This Safe?

Yes! We have made Safety the cornerstone of our business practice. Even though we utilize extremely safe, custom lanterns, we hire outside fire professionals who specialize in wildfire control throughout the US. These certified personnel help us better understand each individual region, and provide us with customized fire action plans and the on-site resources to combat any situation.

When and Where Can I Launch My Sky Lantern?

Due to safety concerns, Lanterns are only permitted to be launched at the authorized time and place. Lanterns are not to be purchased for use outside of the venue. Participants who fail to abide by these rules may be subject to prosecution by local fire authorities and law enforcement.

Refunds and Transfers

As stated in the terms and agreement provided at the time of purchase, tickets are non-refundable. Event dates and location are subject to change. If an event is cancelled and a make-up date is not scheduled within 90 days of the original event date then refunds will be offered. If you have tickets to a Spring 2017 California event and would like to request a refund, you can do so here: https://www.thelightsfest.com/refunds/

Tickets are transferrable. To transfer your ticket to someone else, you simply need to forward the email containing the tickets to them, or print and give the tickets to them, but the name on the ticket does NOT need to be changed. They will not have any problem checking-in to the event with your original tickets. They will need to sign a waiver at the event.

To transfer your ticket to a different location please email us at info@thelightsfest.com with your request.

What If The Event Is Postponed?

INCLEMENT WEATHER POLICY: As The Lights Fest is an outdoor event we sometimes encounter unpredictable or bad weather. Event date and location are subject to change. In cases where the weather forces us to cancel a Friday or Saturday event the first possible make-up date will be the Sunday of that same weekend. If Sunday is not an option the second backup date will be within 90 days of the original event date. Refunds are not offered when the weather forces a rescheduling or relocating of an event. Your tickets will be valid for the first available make-up date that we schedule. If a make-up date is not scheduled within 90 days of the original event then refunds will be offered.


Alcohol is not permitted at the event.

What to Bring

Make your experience comfortable by bringing collapsible chairs, blankets, etc. If you want to travel light, feel free to purchase these items at our on-site merchandise tent.

What Is In My Swag bag?

Each adult ticket purchase comes with a Sky Lantern, and a burlap sack containing a marker, keychain, and flashlight.

VIP vs Early Bird Registration?

The difference between the “VIP” ticket and the “Early Bird” ticket is the price. Those who have managed to save their spot on their city’s event page will get VIP access to registration. After VIP tickets are sold out, early bird registration will begin, followed by other pricing tiers.

Animal Attendees

We love your pets! … but they’re not allowed at the event. We do make exceptions for service animals. Keep in Mind that loud music and the possibility of fireworks may provide an uncomfortable atmosphere for your service animal. Please keep them on a leash.

Why Is The Event Not Located In The Actual City Listed?

Due to safety regulations, The Lights FestivalTM is unable to hold events within city limits. To ensure we produce a safe and magical evening, Fire Marshals require our events to be held at venues with sufficient acreage and away from homes and businesses.

Is The Lights FestivalTM a Charity?

The Lights FestivalTM is an event produced by Viive Events. We are a for-profit company with a dedication to making a lasting impact in each community we visit. For this reason, we partner with local charities and causes wherever we go. Visit the Events section of our website to see who we have partnered with. Feel free to send us an email at charities@viiveevents.com to share your suggestions for ways we can help your community!